Marion Bataille



An enlivened counting book, in which the numbers appear on the page in a sort of endless geometric dance. One to ten and the other way round: behind each number is hidden its complementary one, which is revealed by turning the page. A double dimension and a parallel reading, an unexpected way to imagine each number by its shape, thanks to an original and immediate graphic layout.

Not only a book to be glanced through, not simply a toy for children and adults, 10 is a surprising object issued from the intersection of creativity and design, conceived and built with care. A personal journey among the numbers from 1 to 10. 

isbn:  9788875702557

Special process:  popup, fustella, scatola a fiammifero

Languages:  No text

Binding:  flexicover

Pages:  10

Width:  15

Height:  15

Edition:  2010


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