Andrea Antinori, Valerio Millefoglie

1920-2020. Cento anni di FILA | A century of stories, colours and pencils

Un secolo di storie di colore, di lapis ed affini


1920-2020: the Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini was founded in Florence one hundred years ago. Cento anni di FILA retraces this century of history through the pen of Valerio Millefoglie and the pencils of Andrea Antinori, in a story that moves between past, present and future; between Florence, Milan and the whole world. In the first part of the book, Valerio Millefoglie tells the story of FILA and the people who have been its key players, guiding us through letters, catalogues and archive materials: individual testimonies that make up the story of a company, reflecting that of an entire country and how it has changed over time. To complete the story, Andrea Antinori's illustrations bring to light the brand's traditional products, with their original packaging. The story of FILA, however, is also the story of those who use the brand’s tools to write, draw and invent: here then, in the second part of the book, one hundred stories together with photographs of pencils and colours from the past and present, one hundred voices of people from diferent worlds who, with FILA products, trace projects, ideas and permanent signs of a lifetime.

The book includes the LAPISCENTO, the centenary graphite pencil made with a PEFC-certified cedar wood waste recovery system: an invitation to leave your own mark.


This volume was selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory as an example of the best Italian design put into production.

isbn:  9788875708771

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  240

Width:  16,5

Height:  23

Edition:  2020