Corrado Levi

Come ti quando?

Am I a gymnast or an artist? 1972-2017


This selection of my writings and poems (1972-2018), which began in the age of the hope of being able to change the world (what an age!), and through various experimentations, ends, and frightens me, in incomprehensible languages and in their disappearance. Is that pessimism? "Enigma of the Oracle?" Critique of existing?" This is how Corrado Levi introduces Come ti quando? Am I a gymnast or an artist?, an artist's book that traces a path through different materials and texts - 70s fanzines, newspaper articles, images, poems - with the author's voice as a companion.

isbn:  9788875708160

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  singer stitch binding

Pages:  48

Width:  21

Height:  29,5

Edition:  2020


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