Federico Bucci, Luisa Collina

4 Elements / Taking care

Padiglione Italia


To mark the XXII Milan Triennale, entitled Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, the Italian Pavilion proposes 4 elements / taking care: the exhibition, created by the Politecnico di Milano, is a multidisciplinary archive of various projects - completed, under development or yet to be completed - of students, researchers and lecturers at the Politecnico di Milano, all united by the interpretation of respect for the "wonders of nature" and the possibility of "repairing" them.

The book is dedicated to 4 elements / taking care, with a cover image by Emiliano Ponzi and graphics by Italo Lupi. It features numerous contributions that explore the genesis of the exhibition, whose immersive space has been created by intersecting art and science according to each dimensional scale: the centre of the space is occupied by a dynamic installation on the four involved elements - earth, air, water, fire - in a dialogue with the surrounding interactive exhibition.

Following an introduction by Ferruccio Resta, Chancellor of the Politecnico, Federico Bucci and Luisa Collina describe the idea and concept of the exhibition, while the art director Ico Migliore explores the design of the installation in relation to the theme. Claudio Camponogara, Roberto Dulio and Vincenzo Ficco propose an exploration of the history of the Politecnico di Milano and some of its protagonists; Ilaria Bollati discusses the experience of the exhibition from the point of view of visitors; finally, Laura Galluzzo and Laura Daglio deal with the theme of research and the content of the projects. The second part of the book offers a review of the 41 projects presented, divided into eight "books" according to the theme: Earth and Cosmos, Mountains and Plains, Agriculture and Water, Industry and Mobilities, Urban Landscape, Cultural Heritage, Home and Body, Micro and Nano World.


isbn:  9788875707880

Curator:  Federico Bucci, Luisa Collina

Illustrator:  Emiliano Ponzi

Book design:  Italo Lupi

With:  Triennale di Milano

Languages:  English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  132

Width:  15,5

Height:  23,5

Edition:  2019