“To you inhabitants... people of my thoughts who converge within me as plot and warp. Fabrics spun on us, they form a system, they are language, they are not made to last but to change, evolving before us as they push us to possess them. Abitanoide, I think of you, who will ferry us between worlds.
In the clothes we put on like a case that contains us, or a skin that inhabits us.”

It is clothing that takes us and not the other way around, pushing us outwards and making our inwardness slip, our personality out of the darkness of the closet. The clothes that populate Sissi's imagination and which become material and protagonists of this book are clothes that move, walk and love. They are Abitanodi because "It is clothing that takes us and not the other way around" and also because "a single abitanoide represents a whole family in itself" and finally because even in the darkness of the wardrobe the lives of the Abitanoidi do not stop, but resonate and pulsate with life. Abitanoidi - L’amore degli abiti all'ombra dell'armadio is an artist's book in which Sissi recounts, suggests, illustrates this parallel and yet not secret life of the clothes that we wear, and which therefore inhabit us and our wardrobe too. The Abitanoidi are the inhabitants of our skin and they are able to drive our true personality out of the darkness of the closet.

isbn:  9788875708153

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  56

Width:  21

Height:  21

Edition:  2019


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