Guido Barbato

Archivio 01


Archivio Series - Small books designed and packaged by the Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti with the aim of documenting the artist's work, highlighting the most visionary and contemporary aspects of his artistic research. Agnetti worked by crossing different disciplines: painting, sculpture, criticism, epistemology, technology, literature with a political and poetic sensitivity that has shaped his path. The relationship between work and research was crucial for the artist who combined critical and theoretical aspects with the poetry of his paintings. Therefore each volume starts off from the works exhibited in the preparations made in the “Machiavelli 30” Archive.

This first volume serves as a concise introduction to the series and takes its cue from two 2016 exhibitions: an overview rather than an in-depth look, as will be the case for subsequent volumes.
The first exhibition at Sotheby's in Milan from 1 to 5 February developed as a point of reflection on his artistic journey through three topical moments five years apart: 1968 Macchina Drogata, 1973 In allegato vi trasmetto un audiotape della durata di 30 minuti and 1978 Riserva di Caccia.
The second concerns the exhibition/set-up at the “Machiavelli 30” archive where, from February to the end of summer 2017, works from the last period (1976-1980) were on display, all in some way connected to the 1979 performance of La Lettera Perduta.

Texts from the Archives: Introduction / Texts by Vincenzo Agnetti / Critical essay by Bruno Corà.

isbn:  9788887942668

Curator:  Guido Barbato

Published by:  Archivio Agnetti

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  74

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2016


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