Andy Goodman

C'era un gran silenzio


Between dream and reality, everyday sounds are transformed by Andy Goodman into light and essential illustrations: from the intangible swish of a kite, to the ticking of the wrist-watch, to the sharp notes of a trumpet, to the whistle of a steam train accelerating.

From piano to forte and then back to silence, C'era un gran silenzio is a spontaneous improvisation of imagination, a sort of inventory of sounds and noises, but especially dedicated to the silence among them, which is the starting point of every flight of fancy. In this crescendo, the dimensions of the texts follow the expansion of the sounds till the final silence, that turns out the series of the images in an unexpected way...

isbn:  9788875702014

Languages:  Italian (also available in English)

Binding:  staples

Pages:  36

Width:  22.0

Height:  22.0

First Edition Year:  2008


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