Caccia al tesoro

Quaderni della valle camonica 4


caccia al tesoro (treasure hunt), the fourth of the quaderni della valle camonica, is a story made up of photographs and illustrations of the cave paintings in the area. Since 1909, when Touring Club geographer Walter Laeng first noted the presence of two painted boulders in the Pian delle Greppe valley, and continuing with all the other explorers who over the years have helped shed light on the 300,000 signs so far noted on the rocks in the valley, caccia al tesoro (treasure hunt) has revealed the hidden face of these places and of those who helped bring their beauty to light.

The quaderni della valle camonica are an editorial project, which developed during a workshop devised to illustrate the wonderful heritage of rock engravings of the Camonica Valley. Short texts and pages with stratified drawings in relief actively illustrate the knowledge, customs and expressions of a lively, multifarious popular culture.

The caccia al tesoro notebook is edited by Elena Turetti and was inspired by “Lapidario Fantastico”, an experimental design workshop devised by Max Rommel and Pietro Corraini.

isbn:  9788875703868

Photographer:  Max Rommel

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  staples

Pages:  12

Width:  22

Height:  22

Edition:  2013


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