Beppe Finessi, Steven Guarnaccia, Alessandro Mendini


L'aperitivo dell'arte veloce futurista da Fortunato Depero a Matteo Ragni


From the historical collaboration with Fortunato Depero to the last works with Matteo Ragni, the past and future of the relationship between Camparisoda, art and design are described in this book through images and words that evoke graphic, typographic and pictorial inventions from 1932 throughout 20th century.

At the service of Futuristic dynamism, the extraordinary expressive language by Fortunato Depero for Camparisoda is presented by Alessandro Mendini: “Drinking a Camparisoda was and still is an artistic performance. Dynamic and energetic invention, brilliant inspiration for both heart and soul, Camparisoda is the very aperitivo of Futurist art”.

Steven Guarnaccia’s light and ironic illustrations describe the aperitivo and its atmosphere as timeless moments of everyday life. Among architectures and design objects, Camparisoda’s red colour associates scenes that take place in every bar at around 7pm.

Lastly, in the last section of the book Beppe Finessi describes the present and future of Camparisoda: the projects issued from the collaboration with Matteo Ragni, protagonists of the last edition of the Salone del Mobile, re-invent the shapes of tradition in the contemporary world. From the glass “clic” to the project for the caffetteria at the Casa d’Arte Futurista F. Depero in Rovereto, his works are a dialogue of curiosity and variety between tradition and innovation. From the history of Campari, a trademark always beside experimentation, this book features a rich set of resources of Modern Time along with graphic inventions conceived on this occasion for a wider public.

isbn:  9788875702281

Illustrator:  Steven Guarnaccia

Special process:  scatola a fiammifero

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  96

Width:  16,5

Height:  30,5

Edition:  2009