CAPSULA – a project carried out by a group of students from the Design for Photography course at ISIA Urbino, followed by the lecturer and artist Armin Linke – reveals the temporal subversion that occurred during the quarantine period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Having lost the sequence of time usually marked by work and free time, all that remained was the transition from light to darkness.

Students took a series of photographs during lockdown, collected over a single twentyfour- hour period. The photographs shown were taken from the moment they were conceived and placed in a new temporality. All that remained was the minute, not the date, in the form of a bewilderment in which days merged, where the temporal perception was altered, dilated, or compressed.

CAPSULA is divided into two systems, which operate on different but complementary timelines: a website (projects-isiau.net/capsule/) and a book.

isbn:  9788875708931

With:  ISIA Urbino

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  glued binding

Pages:  372

Width:  22

Height:  30

Edition:  2021


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