Andrea Coccia

Chi ha rubato la marmellata? | Impariamo a verificare le informazioni

New edition with variant cover


The jam's gone. Stolen. That is a fact. But who did it?
Andrea and Lia have no doubts at all: it was Mauro! But are they right?

A book to learn how not to focus on appearances, how to check sources and how to find your way around news and fake news, with the help of journalist Andrea Coccia and comics by Maicol&Mirco.

In a world where we are continually flooded with all kinds of information, it is increasingly important to understand how to recognise fake news from news we can trust. And it is important to learn from an early age. With a clear and funny yet serious approach, this book - which is halfway between a handbook and a comic strip - contains exercises, examples and data to help us get our bearings in the chaotic world of communication and information. And it is not afraid to tackle concepts that might appear difficult: what does "infodemia" mean? How many truths exist? How can we try to identify misleading information, if not completely fabricated? The pages of Chi ha rubato la marmellata? are not a point of arrival, but a point of departure, an open invitation to verify, investigate and carefully observe the reality that surrounds us and the way it is reported.


A project by FarFarFare and SlowNews.

isbn:  9791254930892

Illustrator:  Maicol&Mirco

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  176

Width:  15

Height:  21

Edition:  seconda, 2023

First Edition:  2022


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