Alessio D’Ellena

City Speller: Florence

Abbecedario città: Firenze


The City Speller designed by Alessio D’Ellena is back, and this time it concerns the city of Florence.

Like for Rome and Milan, this book about Florence is not meant to be a mere selection of points of interest, a meticulous list of monuments, zones, parks, neighbourhoods, buildings, or the streets of the city; rather, it is a collection of all the places that make a city what it is, a starting point from which to begin to explore and discover curiosities that go beyond the usual tourist sites, thus differing from the itineraries described in traditional guide-books. So the historic Ponte Vecchio is offset by the Chiesa sull’Autostrada, the majestic Giardino Boboli, the lively Mercato di San Lorenzo, and so on until the very identity of the city transpires in all its nuances.

At the back of the book an alphabet tells all the stories hidden behind the place-name corresponding to the letters, positioning them geographically on a dedicated map: just a few lines to guide you in a new and unexpected tour of Florence!

isbn:  9788875707354

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  48

Width:  12

Height:  16

Edition:  2018


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