Donata Pizzi

Conchiglie ai raggi X


In the shells you can hear the sea's echoes, but you can never see its interiors. Donata Pizzi has decided to radiograph the most different kinds of shells and she discovered a wonderful world made of columns, volutes, unexplored galleries full of life time ago. Natural architectonic structures, fixed by the natural evolution in perfect forms. Forms, geometries and mathematical formulae that occur also in human buildings. This make us understand that nature is the most important inspiration. A strange book that shows with pleasure the hidden beauty of the shell, from every time full of fascination and mystery.




isbn:  978-88-7570-041-6

Cover:  Cartoncino plastificato opaco a colori

Special process:  diversi tipi di carta

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  88

Width:  15.0

Height:  15.0

First Edition Year:  0


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