Maria Pia Santillo

Conversazioni animate

Interviste a dodici registi d'animazione italiani


Conversazioni animate is a book on contemporary Italian animation divided into three parts: the first takes the form of a conversation between the author and Bruno Bozzetto on the evolution of Italian animation from the 1970s to the present day.

The second part contains a series of eleven interviews with Italian directors – drawers, artisans of cinema – who, even though they use different techniques, are bound by the same pictorial and material approach to animation.

The third section contains a QR code with links to short films by the interviewed directors.

The three parts are interchangable: the reader can decide to watch the videos first and then read the interviews, or viceversa. The order is only indicative. Conversazioni animate, edited by RAUM Italic Edizioni and distributed in Italy by Corraini, is a book for everyone, passionate fans of cinema and newcomers alike. A book full of surprise and enchantment.

isbn:  9783944858296

Published by:  RAUM Italic

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  84

Width:  15

Height:  21

Edition:  2016