Richard McGuire

Cosa non va in questo libro?


A lady takes her little dog for a walk, a clown reads a book comfortably seated in his armchair, a fireman puts out a fire and a pretty little white house greets us with a smile: what’s wrong with this book? Nothing it would seem! But turn the page and you see the smart lady’s nose become the mouth of a house hot-footing it away from the fireman, whose hydrant is really the very long nose of a clown! And the elephant? It is just the shadow of an armchair seen from behind. And you’re likely to go nuts hanging upside down from the ceiling, which is also a floor at the same time.

In Cosa non va in questo libro? a series of puzzles using die cuts, shadow play and optical illusions playfully deceive the reader. Geometric shapes have endless combinations and everything hides a multitude of identities. Turn the book and turn it again, stand on your head and let yourself be carried along by McGuire and the surprises in store on every page.


This book is also available in English.

isbn:  9788875703226

Languages:  Italian (also available in English)

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  32

Width:  23

Height:  23

Edition:  2011