Dario Scodeller

Design spontaneo

Tracce di progettualità diffusa


“These tracks are not only intended for posterity – as their historical nature might suggest – but also for distracted visitors from the present, faint clues for the last-minute tourists of existence, polite invitations to take a closer look at things and scrutinize them, to denounce the mistakes and errors while discovering beauty, the real beauty, that also comes in the form of usefulness.”


In Design spontaneo, Dario Scodeller accompanies the reader on a walk through daily life, stopping to focus on the small aspects of reality that serve as inspiration for the critic and architect in his reflections on the sense of objects, their history and their use. These tracks of the world become opportunities for “re-creation”, using the term with which Renzo di Renzo introduces Scodeller’s curious work; his unique ability to form interdisciplinary connections between personal and universal experiences and to bring forth, re-create, new ideas from the contemplation of everyday surroundings.

isbn:  9788875705985

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with long flaps

Pages:  64

Width:  12

Height:  19

Edition:  2017