Harriet Russell

Disegnare in fondo al mare


Harriet Russell’s entertaining illustrations take us on an exciting journey to the depths of the ocean in Disegnare in fondo al mare!

From the surface to the abyss, the author steers a steady course among imaginary creatures and useful tips for future sea dogs. Longitude 40 degrees west and latitude 40 degrees north: pirate ship ahoy! Longitude 90 degrees east and latitude 50 degrees north: elephant at high tide!

Page after page the magic of the water world is revealed, where microscopic creatures live side by side with gigantic whales and where the constellations are made of starfish. Harriet Russell shows us the Ocean as we have never seen it before. Prompted by her splendid illustrations our imagination can see even what is not there!


This book is also available in English.

isbn:  9788875703974

Languages:  Italian (also available in English)

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  64

Width:  21

Height:  28

Edition:  2013

Reprint:  second