Keri Smith

Distruggi questo diario

(dove vuoi)


With this pocket-sized diary, Keri Smith offers a series of creative exercises that test the reader's skills to mess up, fill and tear apart its pages.

Distruggi questo diario (dove vuoi) Wreck This Journal (Everywhere) – invites us to perform a series of small acts of creative destruction: “Splash some mud”, “squirt something on this page”, “roll the book down a hill”, “find a way to wear this book”. An unusual portable manual to think outside the box, to experience “things you wouldn't normally consider”, to put freedom into practice.

Distruggi questo diario (dove vuoi) is the fifth book published in Italian by Keri Smith for Corraini Edizioni, after Come diventare un esploratore del mondo, Questo non è un libro, Finisci questo libro e Piccolo manuale dei grandi sbagli.

isbn:  9788875704872

Special process:  rounded corners

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  144

Width:  12

Height:  17

Edition:  2015

Reprint:  sixteenth


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