Keri Smith

Distruggi questo libro illustrato

Come far prendere vita a un libro


Is a book really a book if it is not used? Read in silence, treat the book well, don't fold the pages: a long time ago someone (probably an adult) set down clear rules about how books should be handled. Distruggi questo libro illustrato invites young readers to enthusiastically break these rules, as they explore books with all of their senses, turning them into great adventure companions.
Keri Smith's suggested activities train your imagination, and in some cases your muscles too: get ready to dance, kick up a storm and do somersaults with your book. It will be happy to be with you wherever you go and indulge your wildest ideas. With colourful pages that mix drawings, collages and three-dimensional characters, Keri Smith shows children how to approach a book with a lot of love and very little worry.

isbn:  9788875708832

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  64

Width:  19,5

Height:  26,5

Edition:  2020


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