Andrea Paternoster, Luigi Manias, Lucia Piana, Daniele Savi

Dizionario dei Mieli Nomadi


Sweet orange honey ~ Crystallized honey that is always satisfying. Light coloured, it varies from white to straw yellow through to light beige. It has the distinctly fresh smell of orange blossom as well as a mild but persistent aroma of citrus peel; its flavour is fruity and pleasantly acidic || the marked fragrance of orange blossom and clearly noticeable tartness make it ideal for pastry making: from the Neapolitan tart to fried pastries such as struffoli and other similar sweets, citrus fruit compotes and glazing || Wines and beverages: a mature white wine that is intense, fruity and lingering, wheat beer, bergamot tea. (from the dictionary)

From the typical to the exclusive, an “A to Z” about honey & C, with accurate contents and a vivid layout, rich in practical suggestions and literary and historical quotations.

192 pages in which one can discover features and peculiarities of honey & C, with many recipes, curiosities and tasting ideas. A book dedicated to nomadic apiculture to approach honey’s passion and tradition from this particular point of view. Synonymous of concepts like “freedom” and “non-conformism”, “nomadism” always found deep roots in man’s history: from this starting point, “nomadic apiculture” expresses the aim of protecting and safeguarding honeys that come from rare blooms, sometimes difficult to reap, too. In a wider sense, it symbolizes the opportunity of drawing in a responsible way from nature’s resources. With contributions by Luigi Manias (apiarist and scholar), Andrea Paternoster e Daniele Savi (apiarists), Lucia Piana (researcher) and Yocci’s drawings. 

isbn:  9788875701765

Illustrator:  Yoshiko Noda “Yocci”

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  192

Width:  12

Height:  16,7

Edition:  2008

Reprint:  second