Davide Longo, Valerio Berruti

E più non dimandare / lettera prima


"This book is made up of drawings that move fast and a letter that keeps still so you can read it. Although it’s a flip book it’s a simple thing, like a tree. You can sit and watch the pages move like the leaves or climb on it. In any case, whatever you do with it Valerio and I will be happy. Because this book just couldn’t be any different from how it is."

from the back cover by Davide Longo

On the occasion of Valerio Berruti’s exhibition “e più non dimandare” [just don’t ask anything more], this book collects a fable in drawings by Valerio Berruti and a letter by Davide Longo. A flip book to take images and words of the tale with you.
Protagonist of the story is a little girl who looks at herself in a mirror, in a concrete and dense environment created by Valerio Berruti’s drawings and the type of paper that has originally collected them.

Protagonists are her gestures, expressions and somersaults as well, that gradually appear from a detail, by the expanding of the perspective and the flipping of the pages.

Is she the same little girl to whom is addressed Davide Longo’s “lettera prima” [first letter], which is overflowing with tenderness “for you, my treasure. You who is not yet but who will be”? A letter written by a father to explain to a daughter where is she from, and what is waiting for her in the world between sky and hills.

isbn:  9788875701482

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  160

Width:  19

Height:  13

Edition:  2007


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