FarFarFare #1


FarFarFare is a project by Corraini Edizioni with the Ludosofici that takes the form of a newsletter with a monthly theme divided into 4 different issues, one per week, plus an extra one. The newsletter however has a much broader scope, in which scientists, writers, teachers, artists, designers, musicians and community members are invited to participate. Concepts are dismantled, workshops are devised, bibliographies and filmographies are suggested and the content of the verb 'to learn' is re-examined.

It was out of this project, aimed at teachers, educators, teaching professionals, parents and anyone who has never stopped being curious, that FarFarFare #1 was launched. The book brings together a rich collection of some of the interviews published so far: conversations animated by the desire to show different and unusual points of view, but nonetheless valuable for those who, whether out of passion or profession, are involved in education. Why should we limit ourselves to looking at the world exclusively from the perspective of schools, or the more traditional educational contexts, and not open ourselves up to other narratives?

In this book, the words and experiences of philosophers, writers, pedagogues, teachers, dancers, zoologists, researchers, museum curators, architects, geographers, mathematicians, and sociologists describe nature, politics, the city, birth and other themes and concepts in a way that seems extraordinary, but is no less faithful to the complexity of the world we live in. The result is an open invitation to embrace a range of original points of view on big and small matters of everyday life.

FarFarFare is made possible thanks to the work of Costanza, Flavio, Francesco, Gaia, Ilaria, Maria Chiara, Pietro, Camilla, and Lara. Each one comes from a different background: some from philosophy, some from literature, some from theatre, some from graphics and some from marketing. What they all have in common, however, is the idea that there is a need for continuous research, experimentation, and relationship-building, so that the world of education and schools becomes a huge workshop for continuous research and radical experimentation, which is always interesting and passionate in trying to find connections between outside and inside, between schools and the rest of the world, between teachers and artists, writers, musicians, scientists...

isbn:  9788875709679

Illustrator:  Gaia Scarpari

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with flaps

Pages:  176

Width:  11

Height:  16

Edition:  2021


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