Harriet Russell

Goodbye, Oil


Oil, as we know, is a non-renewable resource. But where does it come from? How is it produced? And what if it will end up? Goodbye, oil is the latest illustrated book by Harriet Russell which presents the issue of energy saving and renewable sources to the public of children and grown-up.

From separate waste collection to thermal insulation, from recycling to pollution reduction; this story shows us that it is not true that we cannot change the world, because everyone can make the difference. A book to learn more about sustainability and today's problems, in a simple and ironic way.

An earlier version of this story was first printed under the title "An Endangered Species" in Sorry, out of gas: Architecture's response to the 1973 Oil Crisis - volume that accompanied the exhibition dedicated to the oil crisis of 1973 and hosted in 2008 at the CCA in Montreal.


This book is also available in Italian.

isbn:  9788875706357

With:  CCA - Canadian Centre for Architecture

Languages:  English (also available in Italian)

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  36

Width:  22

Height:  31

Edition:  2018


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