Valerio Dehò

Henri Beaufour | Painting



"Drawing and sculpture are integrated, they are inseparable. The practice of
drawing allows me to choose the forms of sculpture, which is nothing more than an object," explains French artist Henri Beaufour in an interview with author Valerio Dehò-a critic, lecturer and curator-who collects his pictorial works in this volume.

Drawings, engravings and paintings that take on extraordinary value also because they help to better understand the personality of the artist, for whom these art forms all constitute parallel and complementary paths in his endless attempt to convey a truth of life through matter. Simultaneously Baroque, Expressionist and Informal, Henri Beaufour has been building a very rich but coherent oeuvre for almost thirty years. His is an autonomous research, but one that is always within the rigorous poetics that the more it seems to refer back to tradition, the more it acquires value of singularity and originality, with a strength and energy that have few comparisons in today's panorama.

isbn:  9791254930496

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  208

Width:  24

Height:  30

Edition:  2023