Roberto Costantino, Tiziana Casapietra

III Biennale di ceramica nell'arte contemporanea | Indisciplinata



34 great artists, from Alviani to Branzi, from Cucchi to Guixé, to Levi, Mendini, Paci, Pistoletto express themselves using the difficult and fascinating art of ceramics. They do it for the Third Biennale of Ceramics in Contemporary Art in Albissola Marina, titled "undisciplined": their projects were given to the famous laboratories in Albissola, that made ideas become concrete objects. This book, essential for people who don't want to lose any side of contemporary art, gives space to texts by the greatest essayers and works which condens ironic or serious ideas in an expressive and changeable material like the ceramics. After the great masters of Twentieth Century, Tullio d’Albisola, Arturo Martini, Piero Manzoni and Asger Jorn, the artistic voice of Albisola ceramics is renewed with an event which puts together contemporary sensitivity and old "know-how" of making things.


isbn:  9788875701024

Curator:  Roberto Costantino, Tiziana Casapietra

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  238

Width:  15

Height:  20

Edition:  2006


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