Andrea Branzi, Lorenza Branzi

Il libro degli omini


A book in which verses by Lorenza Branzi are written in died pages with rotating disks, that let the reader change Andrea Branzi’s little men face, expression and skin. With this book Branzi continues the work of “Genetic Tales”, in which he drew faces matched with mathematical formula and focused on differences between people and cultures: “So you can make a family / where father, mother and daughter, / come from different races, / and that’s why they are happy!”. Andrea Branzi, one of the most outstanding contemporary designers, talks about this actual and difficult theme in a very softly but clearly way.






isbn:  9788875700492

Pages:  13 schede tagliate e con dischi rotanti

Width:  22

Height:  29

Edition:  2006

Reprint:  first


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