Yoshiko Noda "Yocci"

Il nonno del re

Un racconto sul re della torta di carote


Il Re della torta di carote (The Carrot Cake King) has certainly got his hands full: it was his grandfather who decided the colours of the rainbow and who put caramel in the pudding, his (good for nothing!) assistant won't stop pooing, even though he sleeps in a pencil case, and - on top of all that - his wife lives on the moon and he needs to take her some mozzarella every single day.

None of this really makes much sense but it will make you laugh a lot. From the fertile imagination of Yoshiko Noda, aka Yocci, come the adventures of the Carrot Cake King, short snippets of hilarious nonsense that take you on a journey of discovery about the life of this soft and crumbly monarch. 

The King’s Grandfather, together with The King’s Assistant and A Gift for the Queen, is the first of three stories that Yocci has dedicated to the Carrot Cake King.

isbn:  9788875705763

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  flexicover

Pages:  14

Width:  15

Height:  15

Edition:  2016


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