Daniela Comani

It was me

Diary 1990-1999


It was me is not a mere book: it’s an unusual journey into the past century.

It consists of a diary made of 365 days (from january 1st to december 31st), in which historical, political, sports and cultural facts are observed from the very particular point of view of a personal artistic project. Since it is written in first person, the narrator assumes alternatively both the roles of the culprit and the victim, as individual author - impossible - of the pregnant facts in the history of a whole century.

Besides the book, Daniela Comani’s project It was me. Diary 1900-1999 exists in two more versions: as audio-installation (Cd, 66 min.) and as digital print on vinyl cloth (300 x 600 cm).


This book is also available in Italian.

isbn:  9788875701277

Languages:  English (also available in Italian)

Binding:  singer stitch binding

Pages:  36

Width:  15

Height:  21

Edition:  2007