Valentina Raffaelli

Italian Scraps 2 | From North to South, a green culinary journey where nothing is thrown away

Scarti d'Italia 2 | Da Nord a Sud, un'avventura culinaria verde dove non si butta via niente


A new culinary adventure from North to South, once again on the theme of
“Italian Scraps”. Valentina Raffaelli and Luca Boscardin take us on a journey
that explores Italy through its recipes and typical products, this time focusing
on what is produced by the land: herbs and vegetables.

After the first Italian Scraps – dedicated to offal and what are commonly (and
erroneously) considered meat scraps – this exploration enters the field of
agriculture, looking at the current production and distribution system, again
prompting us to ask questions: do vegetables really need to ‘look good’ in
order to ‘taste good’? How much food do we waste? And how many products
do we not even consider?
Italian Scraps 2 is a cookbook that discusses sustainability, where each recipe
seems to remind us that Italy is a giant vegetable garden, and that all you
need to do is forage street markets and local produce to discover an immense
wealth at your fingertips.

isbn:  9791254930175

Illustrator:  Luca Boscardin

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  328

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2022


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