Silvana Annicchiarico

KAMA | Sesso e Design

Sex and Design


Sexuality and Eros (or Kama to Hindus) have often in the past been represented in works where their origins and rites were handed down without any of the archness or moral restraints of today.

From the frescoes at Pompeii to the design objects of the 21st century intimacy has been interpreted in every shape and form, from passionate to humorous, to give the obsessions and drive of the artists materiality. KAMA. Sex and Design (like the exhibition of the Triennale Design Museum) looks at the relationship between Eros and design, one of the most controversial and yet most neglected topics in contemporary society. The book examines how sexuality becomes part of things and how it is used as an instrument of learning by both designers and users.

The introduction by exhibition curator Silvana Annicchiarico offers a key to understanding some sexually inspired designs. The work is separated sensitively yet with scientific precision into categories: Archetypes, Priapi, Origine du Monde, Breasts, Glutes, Orifices, Mating and Erotic Food Design.

An Anatomical Atlas of the Reified Erotic Body, as seen by eight international artists and designers – Andrea Branzi, Nacho Carbonell, Nigel Coates, Matali Crasset, Lapo Lani, Nendo, Italo Rota and Betony Vernon – each delivering their own take on the topic through site-specific installations.

isbn:  9788875703844

Curator:  Silvana Annicchiarico

Book design:  Studio Cerri & Associati

With:  Triennale di Milano

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  172

Width:  21

Height:  26

Edition:  2012


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