Andrea Antinori, Noemi Vola

L’arrivo di Santa Lucia


What would happen if, on a winter’s night, Santa Claus were to bump into Santa Lucia? Well, it turns out, that the territories would be divided, encouraged by the cheering of reindeer, elves and donkeys. Santa Lucia brings gifts to all children in a somewhat undefined area that extends over much of the Po Valley, while Santa Claus covers the rest. The arrival of Santa Lucia, who is blind, comes with some strict rules: gifts must be asked for in a letter, written politely and sent in advance, and her visit must be treated with great care, from the choice of snack to the way it is presented. In short, great excitement and impatience are in abundance for the arrival of the Saint: the whole city comes alive with enthusiasm!

It is from these assumptions that Noemi Vola and Andrea Antinori, who have never received a gift from Santa Lucia (they live in the wrong cities), have fun in talking about what happens when, on the night of 12 December, the lights go out and children go to bed very early dreaming of gifts and sweet treats.

isbn:  9788875707460

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  staples

Pages:  24

Width:  15

Height:  21

Edition:  2018

Reprint:  second