Alberto Madrigal

L’attrazione per i taccuini

Schizzi e riflessioni


Alberto Madrigal has always had a fascination for notebooks, an overwhelming passion that leads him to buy one after another, with the almost reverential fear of writing in them. But as soon as he starts one, he lets go and fills every corner with colour and ideas. This is how pages and pages full of drawings are born, even ugly ones (he says!), even wrong ones, but nevertheless necessary.

For Alberto Madrigal, notebooks are the perfect place to experiment, to try and try again, to scribble away while he's at the bar, to put memories of a holiday on paper, to spend time waiting for a pizza, to test out a new nib, to write down a few notes or a storyboard for his next comic book.
Amidst watercolours, characters, spots, sketches and reflections on his work, the whole world of Alberto Madrigal is included, everything that will later give life to his stories and comics.

isbn:  9783944858586

Published by:  RAUM Italic

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  128

Width:  12

Height:  16,5

Edition:  2019