Guido Molinari

L’aureola nelle cose: sentire l’habitat


"Everything that surrounds us, objects and their forms, can be a point of contact with our inner dimension. The emotional intensity emanating from objects can be felt as a sacred aura by artists and therefore reinterpreted in their works”. This, in the words of curator Guido Molinari, is the common thread of the exhibition “L'aureola nelle cose: sentire l’habitat", at the 71st edition of the Premio Michetti. The selection of artists and works reveals how the aesthetic experience, in the plurality of techniques and implementations, is a means of understanding the "globalised forest" that encircles us, and increasing our flexibility to align ourselves with the constant evolution of our habitat.
The book includes a critical text by curator Guido Molinari and a comprehensive section with images of the works, and it also includes biographies of the artists and the chronology of past editions of the Prize.

The artists of Premio Michetti 2020 are Francesco Alberico, Thomas Braida, Letizia Calori e Violette Maillard, Pierpaolo Campanini, Edoardo Ciaralli, Giovanni Copelli, Lucia Cristiani, Lisa Dalfino e Sacha Kanah, Giovanni De Francesco, Sara Enrico,
Maurizio Finotto, Enej Gala, Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi, Corinna Gosmaro, Lorenzo Kamerlengo, Giuseppe Lana, Francesca Longhini, Maurizio Mercuri, Valerio Nicolai, Mattia Pajè, Marta Pierobon, Giulia Poppi, Luca Pozzi, Davide Rivalta, Marco Samorè,
Ivana Spinelli, Marcello Tedesco, Natália Trejbalová, Devis Venturelli, Serena Vestrucci.

isbn:  9788875708726

Curator:  Guido Molinari

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  98

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2020


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