Giovanni Ferrario

La sintesi spontanea

Complessità e vitalità dell'immagine d'arte


What is the relationship between a group of Eskimos and an egg? What needs push mankind to conserve a special memory? What is the difference between an image and the design of an image? How can you choose without judging? Through a few simple questions, accumulated by analyzing the history of art transversally, it is possible to get closer to the poetic mystery preserved in every artistic project.


La sintesi spontanea. Complessità e vitalità dell’immagine d’arte by Giovanni Ferrario starts from this assumption. Originally conceived as a school textbook to recount the changing and mysterious nature of the artistic image, the relationship between image and reality, the idea of art as a useful means to continue to seek out new possibilities and experience the world with greater intensity.


“Art is generally imagined as something indefinite and often unrelated to reality. However, it is forgotten that every civilization, attributing multiple meanings to this particular quality that permeates an experience, has always tried to use it to observe, represent, criticize and preserve what humanity has achieved in community”: these words open Ferrario’s reflections on art images, thought of as one of the forms through which the stories of the human experience are made tangible and durable. Images that have accompanied humans over the centuries, changing as dynamic organisms, changing shape and constantly suggesting the authenticity of our intimate nature.


The photographs and images of the works exemplify and enrich the ideas contained in the text, structured in three parts composed of short chapters that develop the various aspects of the theme.

isbn:  9788875708238

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  glued binding with flaps

Pages:  80

Width:  10,5

Height:  18

Edition:  2019


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