Gabriella Bartolomei

Le scritture vocali


"The power of speech is not unlimited: sometimes words are missing or not perfectly adapted to the expressive necessity of thought. If on the one hand words have a lot of power, on the other hand it happens that on certain dimensions it is not possible to find words (if there are any) that can express the complexity of a concept or situation; words may not have a dimension capable of containing a given space which, in the evolution of consciousness and knowledge, needs to be expressed; new words are then needed.

Another aspect that arouses a particular interest in me is the possibility of being able to open the word as one opens a treasure chest, through vocality understood as a vocal dance of sound and as a reflection of consciousness, which can be articulated within the word and the phrase, dancing the intention and the worlds hidden in the unspeakable. The word, then, expands taking on forms of vision; and listening expands.

This expansion can be deposited in what I identify as Vocal Writing, trying to capture and preserve in time the unspeakable event in order to contemplate it in its silence filled with sound, colour and movement. A continuous weaving between silent-listening-visual-colour-sounding-gesture.

A musicality as a dance of expressiveness and as drawing."

isbn:  9788875708290

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  204

Width:  32

Height:  23

Edition:  2020


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