Marnie Campagnaro

Lezioni impertinenti


Is it possible to excite, entertain and fascinate our children with children's literature, art, science, landscape and music? Can occasions be created within and beyond school in which our children engage in daredevil acrobatics of imaginative and critical thinking, learn to twist a problem, mix up hypotheses and search for new and creative associations of ideas? What is the educational value of impertinence?

Lezioni impertinenti, edited by Marnie Campagnaro, is a sort of education manual for creativity and curiosity, a claim to the indispensable role of multidimensional, complex thinking, within school and educational environments, developed along more relaxed and slowed down timeframes and modes.

The book, divided into five sections (Children's Literature, Art, Science, Music and Landscape) collects essays, educational proposals and workshops to stimulate in children a way of thinking that feeds on associations, analogies, metaphors and lateral thoughts.

isbn:  9788875704513

Curator:  Marnie Campagnaro

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  136

Width:  16

Height:  23,5

Edition:  2014