Anna Steiner

Lica Covo Steiner


A book filled with evidence that retraces the biographical and professional events in the life of a graphic artist who contributed to the innovation of editorial design in Italy. Documents, interviews, photographs and personal notes reconstruct her personal and professional relationship with her husband Albe Steiner and her friendships with personalities such as Max Huber, Giancarlo De Carlo, Gillo Dorfles and Italo Calvino. A testament to her civil commitment, dedication to teaching and the stubborn and exemplary idealism of a woman who was among the great protagonists of Milanese culture in the second half of the last century. Following the book Albe Steiner, published by Corraini as part of the same series, this publication is dedicated to the other half, to the designer who, together with Albe, was a fundamental figure in the history of Italian graphic design.

Lica Covo Steiner (1914 - 2008) was born in Milan to a cosmopolitan and antifascist family. She married Albe Steiner in 1938, with whom she would go on to open the L.A.S. (Lica Albe Steiner) photography studio. After her husband’s death in 1974, she would continue her work in graphics, taking part in a number of collaborations.

isbn:  9788875705152

Book design:  Studio Origoni Steiner

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  192

Width:  20

Height:  13

Edition:  2015