Claudia Tinazzi, Massimo Ferrari



Mantovarchitettura is the first issue of a publication that documents the architectural festival organized by the teachers of the Polo territoriale di Mantova of the Politecnico di Milano. From 2012 to 2014, there has been a series of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and lessons with internationally renowned architects and designers such as Tadao Ando, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, Gonçalo Byrne and Alberto Campo Baeza, involving the staff and students of the Politecnico in some stimulating and innovative design research that gave rise to interesting results, in continuous dialogue with the surrounding environment and with the city.

“The roots of the biggest Italian schools of architecture, as well as those around the world, lie in history, they grow through places, familiar architectures and exceptional figures who are, more or less, understood, recognized and celebrated, and have marked their own character, indicating possible directions to be shared. The constant research that is repeated on a daily basis in these schools attempts to retrace already established pathways, re-discussing them in light of the contemporary and unbreakably tying reality to a concrete tradition.

So masters both old and new accompany the work and ongoing research carried out by professors and their students. An intensive dialogue or, rather, a multi-voiced conversation that highlights the necessary hierarchies but, at the same time, opens up a possible and ideal collective way of working that has gone on for more than fifty years and is united by belonging to the Po Valley area.”

isbn:  9788875705114

Curator:  Claudia Tinazzi, Massimo Ferrari

With:  Politecnico di Milano

Special process:  different papers

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  160

Width:  16,7

Height:  23,6

Edition:  2015


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