Giuseppe Sofo, Daniela Berti

Manuale per maghe e maghi non (ancora) magici


Make something disappear before everyone’s incredulous eyes, multiply objects, raise them in the air and why not cut a living creature in half and conquer the superpower of invisibility!

All of these tricks and more in a concise handbook for girls and boys who are not quite magical, but have plenty of imagination to spare… because magic is hiding in the small things in life and, after all, the real magic is what each of us carries within.

After Atlante dei viaggi minimi, Giuseppe Sofo and Daniela Berti return with a new picture book that transforms magic into a daily discovery.

isbn:  9783949042096

Published by:  RAUM Italic

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  56

Width:  17,5

Height:  22

Edition:  2022


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