Nanni Strada



Mappamodello, by clothes designer Nanni Strada, contains the models created in 1974 for the competition “Arab-Islamic National Dress” which subsequently became a classic in the collection produced and distributed by the Milanese shop “Oriente e Cina”. It consists of a series of clothes inspired by work clothes, and other models which, thanks to their ‘any size’ cut, appeared in some of the world's most famous women's magazines, and were copied throughout the world. Mappamodello is a blueprint of these historic clothes, all contained on a single paper pattern.

The result is a hybrid product, versatile and suited to a huge, multigenerational public. To use the words of Nanni Strada: “this universal paper pattern is a compendium of many design features and as such it is hard to classify commercially; it can be appreciated for its graphics or as a fashion design product, or else used to make up the clothes on the patterns, or even used as a game. Despite all of these qualities it is extremely simply made and it conveys a design message of great modernity”.

Mappamodello was selected in 2013 for the ADI DESIGN INDEX and won an Honorable Mention in the Compasso d'Oro design award in 2014.


This book is also available in English.


This volume was awarded an Honorable Mention of the ADI Compasso d'Oro Award as a superior quality project, deserving of special distinction.

isbn:  9788875703622

Languages:  Italian (also available in English)

Binding:  poster

Width:  25

Height:  39

Edition:  2012

Reprint:  first