Carlo Zucchini

Morandi, pittore

Una certa luce saturnina


The day-to-day life of Giorgio Morandi and his sisters Annetta, Dina and Maria Teresa, as told by a special narrator: Carlo Zucchini, who lived in Morandi's house for over thirty years.

These pages invite us into the rooms of via Fondazza 36, in Bologna, where Morandi lived and worked until his death: here - amidst papers, canvases and colours, as well as books and objects - Zucchini's biographical account unfolds, proceeding through almost cinematographic shots of moments and places dear to the great painter. This is a previously unseen way of looking at Morandi's body of work and highlighting his meticulous and rigorous work process, which was the basis for the whole organisation of life at home.

The book gives space to everyday habits, correspondence as well as the exceptional visitors who came to the house/studio over the years: from Stravinsky and Antonioni to Monica Vitti, Piero Tosi and Tonino Guerra. Through a multiplicity of voices and perspectives, that gently pensive melancholic mood emerges, prone to solitude, that "saturnine light" typical of Giorgio Morandi's life and work.

Including an interview with Carlo Zucchini by Lorenzo Balbi, artistic director of MAMbo.

isbn:  9788875709815

Special process:  die cut cover

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  144

Width:  12

Height:  19

Edition:  2021


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