Luca Capuano

Museo San Marco, Firenze

Other gazes series


With Other gazes, a book series promoted by the Directorate-General of
Museums of the Ministry of Culture, we embark on a photographic journey
through Italy’s museum landscapes: archaeological areas, house museums,
monuments and museums in the most traditional sense are offered to the
lens of great photographers.
A series – curated by art historian Maura Picciauto explore Italy’s
lesser-known museums and places through the eyes of great photographers
and the words of writers and critics, and rediscover the Italian artistic
heritage with other gazes.

Luca Capuano introduces us to one of Italy’s most unique and peculiar
museums: the Museum of San Marco in Florence. Ante figuram is the result of a long and thoughtful investigation of the museum’s spaces, its history and
the other places that preserve the story of history, such as photographic
archives. With her precise words, Melania G. Mazzucco takes us on a tour of
the colours of Fra Angelico and the silences of the monastic cells he painted,
and Alessandro Carrer dialogues with Capuano’s photographic work in a
dynamic exegesis.

isbn:  9791254930274

Curator:  Maura Picciau

Book design:  Francesco Delrosso, Jonathan Pierini

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  raw-cutted hardcover

Pages:  96

Width:  24

Height:  30

Edition:  2023


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