Andy Goodman

My aunt had one but she gave it away


Aunt Mable has recently passed away and her nephew is wondering what wonderful treasures she’s left him in the attic. A cuckoo clock? A rocking horse, perhaps? Golf clubs and perhaps her china? Oh no, it must be the penny-farthing then! Nope, none of those things. Everything, from the garden gnome to the old dressmaker’s dummy seems to be for somebody else. Everything except one tiny thing... tiny but hugely important...

Andy Goodman’s tale captures the thoughts as they flit through the mind of a child impatiently awaiting a present. Brightly coloured objects stand out against the black pages, lighting up the darkness of the attic. Little by little the mysterious gift in Aunt Mable’s loft is revealed.


This book is also available in Italian.

isbn:  9788875703394

Languages:  English (also available in Italian)

Binding:  staples

Pages:  36

Width:  22

Height:  22

Edition:  2021


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