Clino Trini Castelli

No-Form 2020

10 racconti oltre il design


In No-form 2020. 10 Racconti oltre il Design, edited by Guido Musante, Clino Castelli revisits the history of his innovative approach to design with ten emblematic short stories, in which the backdrop of some of his most significant projects is interwoven with fragments of his personal life and surprising immersions into a past that has a taste of the future. The “no-form” of the title “is an attribute and a design modality that unites every extension of design conducted outside of strictly formal qualities.
The [design] that seems to be waiting for us is populated by objects that are increasingly capable of transmitting emotions of all kinds and intensities. And maybe that’s what no-form means.” Through memory and suggestion, the book opens its eyes to languages emerging over the next decade, according to the author’s own attitude. Emblematically, each of the stories revolves around an object, found or designed – from a jacket crossing the Atlantic in 1967 to a bench tied to Alighiero Boetti, to a patent for a self-flapping flag – or to encounters with unforgettable characters and historical moments, between the United States and China, Japan and Australia. With archive photographic cameos illustrating each chapter, No-form is further complemented by a critical contribution from Tommaso Trini.


This volume was selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory as an example of the best Italian design put into production.

isbn:  9788875707804

Curator:  Guido Musante

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with long flaps

Pages:  112

Width:  12

Height:  19

Edition:  2019


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