Somin Ahn

One minute


How long is a minute? Well, that is, perhaps, something we know: “a minute lasts sixty seconds”. We can even be more precise if we want to and calculate a minute based on the precision mechanics of a clock: “the second finger moves sixty times in a minute, while the big finger only moves once”. But is that a long time or a short time? It depends! Lots of things can happen in a minute. Or absolutely nothing at all might happen. A minute can fly by or it can pass at a snail’s pace.

Somin Ahn has drawn on all her intelligence and artistry to explain how relative time can be, talking about everything that can happen while the second finger goes around the clock.

isbn:  9788875705718

Languages:  English (also available in Italian)

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  32

Width:  19.0

Height:  23.0

First Edition Year:  2016


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