Massimiliano Tappari

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Inventario di fotografia


Can traffic signals be the main characters in a childrens' tale? Do façades actually have a face? This books tells the story behind the objects and things we see everyday, that are often so familiar that they became invisible. You only need to find them... Bring them to the light and invent stories through them with your own sensibility and imagination.

A book to let the gaze linger, to discover with lightness and irony what could be hidden behind things and objects that we often perceive only outwardly, as if we didn’t note their presence.

This book has been published on the occasion of Massimiliano Tappari’s exhibition Spunto di vista at the Casina di Raffaello in Rome, from 16th January to 9th march 2008. 

isbn:  9788875701574

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  144

Width:  15

Height:  15

Edition:  2008