Bruno Munari

Pensare confonde le idee


The accumulation of inventions and accessories and the excess of artifice leads to the monotony of perfection with a high rate of contamination. Will we eventually be forced to retreat underground? Munari crosses the modern city and the "Civilization of Turnover" with a view that is sometimes ironic but more often bitter. His reflections make a space for themselves among the drawings of grass and green plants by some junior school children.

Pensare confonde le idee  is part of the Block Notes series, created by Bruno Munari in 1992 for Corraini, an open collection of projects. These included creative examples of how to use art playfully and intelligently. The books in the series are characterized by their grey covers, pocket-size dimensions and the holes on the cover which prompt the reader to "wander in" through to the book itself.

isbn:  9788886250030

Special process:  fustella

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  64

Width:  12

Height:  16

Edition:  1993

Reprint:  eleventh


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