Fausto Gilberti

Piero Manzoni


“One day in May many years ago, the artist Piero Manzoni put his poo in a metal tin, creating his most famous piece of art...”

This is a true story. It is Piero Manzoni’s story. He was born in Soncino on 13 July 1993, and lived in Milan until February 1963. Piero left us playful works, full of irony and a marvellous sense of the absurd. Fausto Gilberti relates them to us as they are, without any superfluous explanations, succeeding in transmitting his passion for this great 20th century artist who made art his life, and made his life a work of art.

The same series, in which the artist Fausto Gilberti recounts the works of the great figures in contemporary art with a clever and fun twist, includes the stories of Yves Klein, Jackson Pollock, Marcel Duchamp, Lucio Fontana, Yayoi Kusama and Banksy.

isbn:  9788875704674

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  32

Width:  20

Height:  20

Edition:  2014

Reprint:  fifth


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