Chiara Carrer, Davide Longo

Pirulin Senza Parole


My name, my name is Pirulin Without Words I have a bike without wheels and pockets without coins so many places to go, but no school and no street only fields and grass and wheat.

Pirulin is eight years old, not much money and two grandparents a little bit deaf. He sleeps and dreams the whole day, he is always silent while everybody around speak in an unknown language. But... in order to speak with clouds and glow worms you don’t need any words. It’s easy, you can imagine a whole world, just for you: a sunbeam made of cream, in the orchard three lemon trees and a fig, prickly pears on the cotton and a gossiping goose.

Pirulin, why are you so silent? Are you maybe sad, maybe alone? I have the answer! You found a language that others don’t understand, a world where you don’t need the voice...

I have almost everything I need, but just one thing I can say, just one thing I need to reach. Getting myself a few words of speech.


This book is also available in English.

isbn:  9788875701611

Languages:  Italian (also available in English)

Binding:  staples

Pages:  20

Width:  22

Height:  22

Edition:  2008


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