Lucio Pozzi

Reading the News


“Reading the News is an 8-hour long performance during which I sit on a chair in an empty room. Strewn on the floor around me are the newspapers of the day and some other publications of that week, published in the locality where I am performing. While changing on my head for no apparent reason 4 colored hats that are also on the floor, I pick at random and read aloud whatever phrases fall under my eyes: political news, ephemera, obituaries, advertisements, marriage announcements, animal events, etc. I substitute the names “John Smith” and “Mary Jones” for all men’s and women’s names I encounter. As I do this I do not address the audience but behave as if I were alone, indifferent to what passes by me.”

​Lucio Pozzi from the introduction of Reading the News

isbn:  9788875708092

Languages:  English

Binding:  paperback stitched with flaps

Pages:  64

Width:  21

Height:  29,7

Edition:  2019


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